Hair Tips for Strengthening

Yup. Nice strong hair. Wouldn’t that be so nice to have? Well, have I got the post for you! haha like my tv commercial sound? ANYWAYS, here are just some of my favourite products that will definitely strengthen your luscious hair in no time at all!




DIY Summer Soiree + Giveaway #30daysofplay

Summer can never be complete without a good party or two. Pinterest and Google are great for finding inspiration but for kids parties? Nothing. Ok well maybe not nothing, but the stuff they have is practically a replica of a adult Instagram party. Way too perfect and pretty for the kids. I might sound insane, but speaking from experience, you would want a party to be more versatile than pretty. But of course that doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty, you just need to change up the cliché Instagram version of parties. You can be messy but in a artful way. Stay tuned till the end for a GIVEAWAY!


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