OOTD: Suede & Vans


Yay for OOTD’s! This is an old one but a goodie. I did have an outfit video that was supposed to go with this, but I guess I got lazy :/ Anyways this was taken wayyyy back in fall so that’s why my background looks so autumnal. Oops. I hope you get inspo from this anyway as this was one of my go to outfits. (more…)


Winter Parka OOTD


The cold icy season is upon us. And outfits are literally so hard to create because everything is so bulky and showing the least bit of skin causes you to shiver. But I promise. This OOTD has gotten me through the worst of temperatures and photo-shoots as it is so adaptable, statement making and cosy.  (more…)

OOTD: Monochrome Chic


Hey everyone!

Heres the first of my OOTD series! This means I get to post far more frequently and give you guys more detailed insight on where I shop and how I put together my outfits… AND the inspiration behind each one.

Today I was feeling kind of cold and down so naturally I overlooked any colour and went monochrome. The sad news was that a button from my black skinnies fell  off so I needed to get it fixed. So my only other semi neautral option was jeans. They actually accent the outfit quite well so it turned out way better than I expected.

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Daydream: New York Designer OOTD’s

Hey guys!

So I was just looking through photos I took at the Metropolitan Museum in New York last year and I found one I took of a beautiful porcelain inspired dress in the “China: Through the Looking Glass”  Exhibit.

I got super inspired again, and I was just sitting there daydreaming about what I would wear from that collection. Of course it was limited edition so even if I scraped up the money to buy one of the designer dresses, I wouldn’t be able to. Then I found the website Farfetch.com. They had some incredible designers and brands all in one place.I started scouring for dream outfits I would wear that represented my take on the exhibit.

I realize that this years exhibit was “Manus X Machina” and it would have made sense more for me to do a trend report on that, but I just wasn’t feeling as inspired as I was for the Porcelain Designs. 

Below is just some outfits I thought would look amazing together. If only I could have ’em all! I thought through every detail including how to prevent an overflowing luggage: repeating key pieces! READ MORE! (more…)

#OOTD: Leather and Tutus?!!


Missing summer already. The warmth of the burning sun, the fruity chilly drinks, and most of all, the easy flowy summer clothes. If you have any events or special days coming up, I have a great idea for you! You know that bridesmaid or flower girl tutus you have from a fancy wedding ages ago? Its back in style, and bigger than ever. With a look over at Milan Fashion Week, girly versus edgy is back in town. We need to catch this trend before it dies out, because it is GOOD. Real good.

I paired a leather jacket with a black crop top, pink tutu, converse, and a nice pair of sunglasses. Its easy and customizable. You can choose either silver, gold, or rose gold (Side note: Why is the Iphone 6s colour so beautiful. Why.) I went with the Gold. Without further ado, I bring you, my favourite OOTD for the summer/fall transition.

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