10 Last Minute 1 Min Christmas Cards


Hey everyone! It’s Christmas eve over here and I know just a few people who may or may not be panicking at the last minute over not having cards ready. And with traffic in the streets and stores closing… you may be at the ends of your wits. Never fear, Jen is here.

I got your back. These 10 DIY cards will literally take you 1 min to complete. It took me a total of 15 min to set up, decorate and photograph all these cards so I promise that you can do it too.  (more…)


STRONG HAIR: A Hair-rific Gift


Hello everyone! ‘Tis the season to be jolly! Gift giving can be one of those more challenging things this season. Especially shopping for the twice removed great aunt that you would be seeing at Christmas dinner. Luckily she’s complained in your ear aplently about her dismay at her hair loss. Win Christmas Gifting this year by getting her what she really wants. And not regifting the ugly sweater your uncle bob got for you last year. Oops (more…)