How to achieve your potential.


Im backkkkk!

Literally my world had been turned upside down for about half a year so I really didn’t have the creative juices that allowed me to blog. But boy do I feel rejuvenated now. I want to pursue blogging more seriously than ever!

Today I bring you my lessons learned on the horrendous art form of procrastination. A simple explanation would be that I happen to be a master of this art. I have wasted so many precious moments odling over the perfect Instagram feed, and binge watching netflix shows when really I could have been writing fantastic heartfelt pieces, shooting for big projects, and even editing short films for Youtube. But I literally spent months feeling like a zombie waiting out life. depressing. I know. *here goes nothing!Click read more!* (more…)


Honest Tea Talks: Why Can’t I Smile?


This is just a quick little tea talk on a question literally everyone has commented on this week – why aren’t you smiling?

I am the kind of person who smiles because it is what I know everyone else likes to see. Every smile I force is not a physical outburst of happiness. In fact most times I am actually quite under the weather.

Everyone sees me as this super girly, sunshine bubble of positivity. These people aren’t wrong, they just only see the surface of who I am.

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I am human.

I have feelings. I cry. Alot. I get stressed. Frazzled. And am a natural bred overthinker. As I said in my last feelings post I am very sensitive.

Sometimes the notion of smiling just adds the weight of putting up a facade that really consumes too much of my already drained energy.

I get so much pressure like, “oh no she isn’t smiling, this test is going to be hard”, “oh no she isn’t smiling, the world is going to end”. People put so much pressure on me without even realizing. And I recognize that it is not their fault. But please. I am not a pretty doll to sit properly on your shelf smiling from ear to ear every single moment of my life.

I will smile when I am happy, cry when I am sad, and just let my emotions be.

And yes, this has been one of those crying ones. But not in ways you would expect. It’s not a breakup (lol you wish), or even a bad grade. It’s just one of those anxiety moments. Maybe a post for another time.

Thanks for listening to my pitiful crying. And for being a virtual shoulder to cry on.

keep being your amazing selves guys,

xoxo, Jen


Nervous Over-thinker.

Hey everyone.

A life update. Life has actually been getting tougher lately. I know that I am blessed to live in a beautiful country, have a loving family and have all my wants and needs met. I know all this. But small things seem to trigger even bigger things.

Last week someone whispered about their thighs were too close together. I immediately noticed that she was wayyyy skinnier than I was. And my body just automatically became all too conscious that really I should be the one who was concerned about my thighs.

That really bothered me.

I go around telling everyone I know that they are beautiful just the way they are and yet I can’t even seem to convince myself. I felt so much like a failure.

This was only the first thing that lead to a whole bunch of other OVERTHINKING.


See that small brain up there? That’s me. Inside that egg shaped head is a whole lot of insecurities and crazy nonsensical thoughts.



How to Pack for Camp ! Tutorial & Hacks

Curious about what I do in my spare time? Want to pack for camp while watching YouTube videos? Check out this video I made. It would be the most amazing thing if you would subscribe ❤ Thanks to Nia​ for filming most of the vid! Go check out her channel too here:
We have loads of collabs coming up soon so hope you guys enjoy that. 🙂
xoxo, Jen

Spring Break Essentials ft. Homeaway

HA Getaway_loads

Hey all! Hope you all are excited for/ already in Spring Break! Spring is the time to do all the crazy exciting things that summer seems to far for. Like grabbing your overnight bag and making a weekend getaway. Now for me, a perfect weekend getaway would include loads of sun and a beautiful home rental on the beach. Maybe somewhere like here? Unfortunately here where I live that is not a reality. But a girl can dream right? So I teamed up with HomeAway to create the list above of a  few of the things I would bring. But where would you go that is just for a day or two? Never fear, I’ll help you out! Here’s some inspiration for where I would go.

Mini Golf & Pretty Garden Strolls (Lovely Inspiration from “In My Dreams“)


Winter Blues Lookbook

Winter Blues.png

With the final month of winter approaching rapidly, I felt that it was appropriate to do a lookbook. Having never done one… I hope you guys don’t hate it completely. I tried my best to do three outfits for different people, the girly, the preppy, and the bohemian girl. Each one had its own little story attached, something I weaved out of my imagination to help me put these looks together. When you read, try looking at the video first, it will give you a better visual grasp of what is happening in this crazy factory of my mind. Hope you guys can take some inspiration from it!