Goodbye Blogging.


Its been a hard few months. Not going to lie, it was an emotionally draining and creative Siberia for me. Nothing I created felt worth trying for anymore, including this blog and my youtube. I didn’t do any of the stuff I loved anymore, including reading, writing and designing. It was like I became an empty shell of who I was.

I think that I am at the edge of walking out of that period. I am so happy to say that I have been creating alot more, and it has brought back parts of me I really thought was lost forever.

However, I have started to feel like this blog no longer represents the me I am today.

I am a little older, and a little different-er :p . It has been an amazing journey with Layers of Beauty. I discovered so many parts of my creative side I never knew I had before. I was given so many incredible opportunities, opening doors in remarkable ways. This blog was my baby, my pride and joy. This blog was me. Now its time to start a new chapter. A new beginning. A new me.

My new blog will be coming soon, and I will be posting a final post about it soon on this blog.

Thank you for following me and reading my thoughts and creative tidbits. Thank you for growing and learning with me. I could never tell you how grateful I am.

Thank you for helping me discover the many layers of beauty life has, now we’ve made it to the final layer, and it is me finding out who I truly am.

Here’s to the great 4 years we’ve had. I love you all so much.

I’ll see you in the next chapter.

Love, Jen xo


Winter Blues Lookbook

Winter Blues.png

With the final month of winter approaching rapidly, I felt that it was appropriate to do a lookbook. Having never done one… I hope you guys don’t hate it completely. I tried my best to do three outfits for different people, the girly, the preppy, and the bohemian girl. Each one had its own little story attached, something I weaved out of my imagination to help me put these looks together. When you read, try looking at the video first, it will give you a better visual grasp of what is happening in this crazy factory of my mind. Hope you guys can take some inspiration from it!