Girl in the Looking Glass


She stood on the other side of the looking glass

peering at the looming shadow

a girl.



Book Review & Discussion || Rise & Shine Contemporary Fairytale


A girl with the  fiery red locks graces the cover of this tween-chick read looking book. But as usual as per the usual, ” never judge a book by its cover”. The pages are covered from start to finish in long strokes of a tragic event. With  the wave of her magical skill, Sandra Bricker wrote it from a tragedy to a fairytale.

The story goes with Shannon Malone waking up from a coma ten years after her accident with her new husband. Tears trickle down your face as you realize soon that she lost everything. Time didn’t stop for her, and it wouldn’t stop if you were in that position too.

The reality of death and regrowth is so real and needed in the book world today. All too many books are lustful and glamorous but hold no sustenance. It’s the brutality of truth that really makes you want to keep reading on. (more…)