For Guys

Fall/Winter Trends & Tips for Guys

Uh-oh. A girl writing for guy fashion, red flag right? Don’t worry, I did research. Sort of.

Some guys were just born to be strutting a catwalk and some have less experience to this element. Don’t worry you will all be prepared and aware for your next shopping trip by the end of this post!

Tip #1: Your Attitude

Set your attitude right when shopping. Often times I hear boys groaning about getting dragged with their moms/girlfriends/cousins to shop for hours and hours and hours… But if you think about it, while they shop you can just sit and text or eat food for hours. Make a deal with them, such as going to 10 stores would gain you a Starbucks and a burger. Then if the time is still killing you, go check out the stores with them! Maybe you can find a gift for your special someone. The better you sow, the better you reap. Setting off with a good attitude will actually give you a better experience and a abundance more  style.  (more…)