Hey! Its been a while hasn’t it? Well it was Easter weekend and I being the super extra person I am, wanted to go an extra mile with my Easter egg decorating this year. Instead of the boring same old egg dyeing, I used trendy new fads to inspire this DIY.

Chalk board rustic? Flower crown? Instagram Baddie eyelashes? Check, check, and CHECK! (READ MORE!) (more…)


10 Last Minute 1 Min Christmas Cards


Hey everyone! It’s Christmas eve over here and I know just a few people who may or may not be panicking at the last minute over not having cards ready. And with traffic in the streets and stores closing… you may be at the ends of your wits. Never fear, Jen is here.

I got your back. These 10 DIY cards will literally take you 1 min to complete. It took me a total of 15 min to set up, decorate and photograph all these cards so I promise that you can do it too.  (more…)

How to Pack for Camp ! Tutorial & Hacks

Curious about what I do in my spare time? Want to pack for camp while watching YouTube videos? Check out this video I made. It would be the most amazing thing if you would subscribe ❤ Thanks to Nia​ for filming most of the vid! Go check out her channel too here:
We have loads of collabs coming up soon so hope you guys enjoy that. 🙂
xoxo, Jen