STRONG HAIR: A Hair-rific Gift


Hello everyone! ‘Tis the season to be jolly! Gift giving can be one of those more challenging things this season. Especially shopping for the twice removed great aunt that you would be seeing at Christmas dinner. Luckily she’s complained in your ear aplently about her dismay at her hair loss. Win Christmas Gifting this year by getting her what she really wants. And not regifting the ugly sweater your uncle bob got for you last year. Oops (more…)


Hair Tips for Strengthening

Yup. Nice strong hair. Wouldn’t that be so nice to have? Well, have I got the post for you! haha like my tv commercial sound? ANYWAYS, here are just some of my favourite products that will definitely strengthen your luscious hair in no time at all!



Terrifying Not-A-Costume Halloween Makeup

An absolutely terrifying post today. A makeup tutorial! I actually think this is a first time I have posted a makeup tutorial on this blog!

Well, simply put, I would personally never wear the costume makeup of Halloween unto the high street so I decided to create my own version of Halloween makeup.

A super terrifying but super chic smokey eye and dark lip look. A look so controversial 99% of all beauty gurus would say is a HUGGEE faux-pas. But since it’s Halloween it’s time to put down all the contour kits and go crazy with the controversies.

Let’s do this!

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How To Get Perfect Red Lips & Video

good 1

Hey guys! This is a tutorial to show you my simple 5 step system to getting the perfect smooth lips! Below is my video tutorial and my step by step picture tutorial if thats more your thing. Enjoy!

good 2

Step 1 – Get ride of those flaky skins by first exfoliating. I like using this peach milk one from Choosy.

Step 2 – Smooth and nourish it out by applying an organic lip plumping balm. I like the one from Farmacy. It is made with Echinacea which is a natural beauty enhancement plant that has been recently discovered and used in all natural beauty product.

Step 3 – Give those lips a pop of colour by applying your favourite lipstick. I decided to go with a lip liner to give my lips the light long lasting colour a liner gives. Nars in the colour “Cruella” is my favourite classic red shade.

Step 4 – Give it an glossy smooth finish by using an natural floral infused gloss. Mine was actually from Hawaii!

Step 5 – This step is definitely optional but it does give the finished product a far more polished look. All you do is take a lighter shade of concealer (from the winter days) and simply apply it in the middle of the cupids bow.  This will give you the much popular “big lips” trend look.

Voila! And you are finished.

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How to Get Perfect Instagram Hair DIY & Video

set 3

Hair plays an integral role in our lives. We grow with it and fad with it. It can be the medium of self expression for some and for others it can be what brings out the confidence in them .

Today I’m going to share with you my foolproof system for getting healthy, luscious and if willing, Instagram worthy hair.

“Sure life isn’t PERFECT, but my HAIR is”

For me, I prefer not to wash my hair every single day, but that’s just because I have oily hair.

You may think that to control oily strands you would need to cleanse it daily, but in reality, the heavier you wash and pile on products, the more your body will produce those oils.


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