How to achieve your potential.


Im backkkkk!

Literally my world had been turned upside down for about half a year so I really didn’t have the creative juices that allowed me to blog. But boy do I feel rejuvenated now. I want to pursue blogging more seriously than ever!

Today I bring you my lessons learned on the horrendous art form of procrastination. A simple explanation would be that I happen to be a master of this art. I have wasted so many precious moments odling over the perfect Instagram feed, and binge watching netflix shows when really I could have been writing fantastic heartfelt pieces, shooting for big projects, and even editing short films for Youtube. But I literally spent months feeling like a zombie waiting out life. depressing. I know. *here goes nothing!Click read more!*

1. Remind yourself of where you want to be.

It is crucial to have a goal in mind, albeit a blurry, unsure one is still altogether better than none. I want to have a successful audience to talk and interact with on the blogosphere, so that is the mindset and constant reminder I have for myself.

2. Weigh your options daily. 

Is watching that netflix show really going to reward you in the long run, or are you going to regret it after season 5? I you turned the hours spent watching those addicting shows to making steps towards your end goals you’ll end up feeling so much more satisfied with yourself.

3. Choose good role models. 

If your favourite celebrity is lying in bed all day, are they going to be where they are at today? NO. (If they are, then… they are like literally the 0.00001% of the 0.00000000000001%, but you get the point). Pick a role model and observe their organized and smart utilisation of every freaking minute they have in a day. Time is precious and at the end of the day you either feel like you used every minute wisely or you feel like crap knowing you’re one step further from your goals. My role models would be the endless amounts of girlboss instagram bloggers who are running the world right now!

4. Schedule your indulgences. 

Making room and time for a little cheat day here and there will allow you to stay on track for the most part. A little brownie between juice cleanses never hurts right? And it motivates you on the idea that you are no longer dependant on indulgences… you run it!


Do everything you can. Explore the world. Meet new people. Create. Love life. You’ll get where you want to be by being true to yourself. Literally coming from a girl who is still finding herself, its the best thing you can do. You’ll find your hard work never goes unnoticed.

work hard play hard.

now go get ’em,

Jenn xoxo

PS. Shout out to google for this pic! Love it!


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