You Never Knew Me


Maybe its the way I walk

Or the way I sound.

It makes me, well me.

I thought you understood me

my other half

you knew my heartaches and secrets  and yet-

you still


wished i told you more.

But maybe it isn’t my telling that was at fault

but that you never knew me.

Your words cut deep

my voice- mute.

Your screams and laughs haunt my dreams

my eyes darken

at your name

where once butterflies and blue skies


I wish things were different

that the witch would give my voice back

but cursed since the day I saw light

my voice is used against me.

I thought you could read my eyes

feel my yearning soul

read the twitch on my lips

the heaving of my sigh

the slouch of my seat

or the silent tears

that fell.

But I guess you never really cared

you never really saw

all you did was ask for words.

Words you knew I couldn’t give

I gave you all I was

but all you wanted

was something

I never




To the one who I thought was the same as me.

But wasn’t.

You had a voice.

and I didn’t.

That made all the difference.





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