Hey! Its been a while hasn’t it? Well it was Easter weekend and I being the super extra person I am, wanted to go an extra mile with my Easter egg decorating this year. Instead of the boring same old egg dyeing, I used trendy new fads to inspire this DIY.

Chalk board rustic? Flower crown? Instagram Baddie eyelashes? Check, check, and CHECK! (READ MORE!)

Materials You’ll Need:

-Egg Shells (Make an omelette and save the shell!)

-Small flowers

-Paint Primer/White paint

-Paint brushes

-Chalkboard paint/black paint

-Chalk/white marker

-Small pieces of scrapbook paper/ egg stands


STEP ONE: Create egg stands (simply create a circle with scrapbook paper and tape), and decide how you want the “faces” to look/shape like.


STEP TWO: You can trim and shape the edges, just be careful not to crush them like I did!


STEP THREE: Prime the eggs with white paint or primer to make the next painting step easier. HACK: Hate waiting for paint to dry? I do. Use a hairdryer for 10 second drying!


STEP FOUR: Paint with black/ Chalkboard paint. This should only take one coat as it is really thick to work with. Let dry/ use my hack above!


STEP FIVE: Take your chalk or white paint, and draw a cute face! You can copy mine, or google up “eyelash doodles” for easy drawings to copy!


Isn’t the lashes soooo adorable? I literally can’t! 😛


STEP SIX: Stick in some small florals and YAY! You have the cutest, most trendy eggs ever! ❤


Hope you guys all had a lovely Easter, and that this post made you smile in some way! Have a good one, and as always, spread love everywhere you go.

xoxo, Jen ❤


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