Winter Parka OOTD


The cold icy season is upon us. And outfits are literally so hard to create because everything is so bulky and showing the least bit of skin causes you to shiver. But I promise. This OOTD has gotten me through the worst of temperatures and photo-shoots as it is so adaptable, statement making and cosy. 


Can we just admire how cute the details are on this parka jacket? GOLD.


Warm mittens that are a cute colour are a must.


Tiny details like a minimal ring won’t drag attention away from the statement jacket.


Cute simple sweaters like this blue one will compliment the icy weather. PLUS its off the shoulder quality only makes it cuter!


A choker is always a better alternative than a cold piece of metal touching your skin. WIN.


Ripped jeans will give you just the right amount of skin without making you too cold.


Black booties will literally get you through most of winter. Plus they elongate your legs so that is almost always definitely a BIG YES.


Of course we cannot forget about the statement of the coat! Its THE FUR! “boots with the fur…with the fur!” (Anyone else remember that song… or is it just me?)

Thanks guys for joining me on this quick OOTD post!




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