2017 In Review

img_1789Hey again. It’s been awhile.

I don’t know why but I just was feeling so drained and uninspired. I had so many incredible posts planned and fully finished, but it didn’t feel quite right to hit PUBLISH.

Maybe it was because I didn’t want to start the new year off with anything that didn’t feel genuine to who I am.

The past year was one of the most amazing years of my life. I went on so many incredible adventures.

Get ready for a super quick 1 min rundown of 365 day. Lets do it!


New Years Celebrations – was so beautiful & insanely fun
VMUN – Met so many amazing new friends

Chinese New Year – Amazing food 😉

Youtube – First video ever!

Valentines day – Super sweet DIY’s

Spring Break – Horseback riding, Victoria, Skiing & hotsprings @ Fairmont

Mothers Day – Best DIY layout I’ve ever done!


Schools Out! – Exams were brutal but ALOT easier than I thought it would be lol

Las Vegas – Left 2 hours after my last exam on the plane. Best decision ever 

Camp – Summer camp was so lit to say the least…goooo KADESH

Guatemala – School missions trip! – life changing 

Road Trip Time – Huge family car trip to 10 places in 30 days 

Great Wolf Lodge – Last minute family treat! 

Carribean Cruise – off to the Bahamas & Virgin Islands with my besties fam ❤

School Starts – Exploring downtown with friends made starting school a lil easier

Rotating Fancy Dinner – To celebrate an amazing summer with my fam

Victoria Fieldtrip – Best day ever! Food, shopping and lots of learni…photos!

 V’s Bday – one of my friends sweet 16!

Directing Drama Production– Such an honour to direct Charlie Brown Christmas

My Sweet 16 – With my bestie we threw an epic party

Christmas Celebrations – Church Show lead 🙂 , School Christmas Banquet

Downtown Photoshoots – hung out with some new friends… and cute photos 🙂

Christmas Eve – Opening presents early and nice restaurant with bff

Christmas Morn/ China – Off on a plane (daddy’s surprise treat) to visit Grandma!

Grandma’s 80th – HUGE family reunion and cute outfit 😉

New Year New… – HAIR CUT.

What a year.

This was mostly for myself to reflect on but these are just some of my highlights. There’s alot.

Thanks as always for reading. xoxo, Jen





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