10 Last Minute 1 Min Christmas Cards


Hey everyone! It’s Christmas eve over here and I know just a few people who may or may not be panicking at the last minute over not having cards ready. And with traffic in the streets and stores closing… you may be at the ends of your wits. Never fear, Jen is here.

I got your back. These 10 DIY cards will literally take you 1 min to complete. It took me a total of 15 min to set up, decorate and photograph all these cards so I promise that you can do it too. 

Materials You’ll Need: 

-Cardstock or 2 layers of printer paper

-Sharpie or black pen you feel comfortable using

-A steady hand and keen eye

-A timer (Race yourself for each card, trust me it’s fun)

Thats it!


Cut out the paper into two halves and fold each half. So basically out of one sheet of paper you’ll get 2 cards.

Now lets start doodling!


This might just be the hardest one but simply just follow my guideline for a doodlish fireplace. You can totally just write “baby it’s cold outside” normally if you want to.


Literally so easy. Just a tiny diamond, triangle and some trapezoids (I think that’s what their called)


Darken your hand writing by following where I darkened the word.


Elegant and minimalist.


Super cute and festive. Just draw little oval leaves and clump together to form the two half wreathes.


Another “Baby it’s cold outside”!


My favourite… You can also caption it “I’ll be back again someday…” (Like the ending of Frosty the Snowman song)


A super cute Charlie Brown tree! A Christmas classic.


Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer reference. You can even colour in the nose with a red pen or crayon!


May your days be merry and bright!

Hope you guys enjoyed this last minute DIY post!

Love, Jen xoxo


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