HonesTea Talk : Aleppo, Syria


PC: Bored Panda

This has honestly been weighing down my heart for such a long time now. It’s Christmas time now and it should be a time of happiness and joy. But constantly I feel like I am on the verge of tears. It frustrates me that as North American’s we are so blinded to how lucky we are. The media is flooded with shopping gift guides and celebrity gossip. Streets are covered in peaceful Christmas lights and the light dusting of powdery snow.

Cross over the ocean and heaven becomes hell.

Children sitting prettily around their dinner table in the lovely city of Aleppo are content and happy. The sky is blue and the gorgeous buildings line the streets. Its a place of dreams. (Read More) 


PC: NBC News

Then the nightmare starts. Loud earth shattering sounds surround your home. Your mother screams and jumps unto of you and your brother. Your fathers eyes turn dark and he pulls you all under the table. Your father covers your entire family with his strong arms. You are bewildered and confused. “what is happening?”Your door explodes and shards of glass fly towards your face.

Pictures frames shatter and you see your fathers hands are covered in blood.

Another bomb drops. Everything turns dark.

Your mother gently strokes your bewildered face and you feel your fathers tears trickle down your forehead. They say “I love you” and you hold unto them for dear life.

You close your eyes wishing for this dream to be over

You feel something heavy suddenly weighing on you. Your mothers hands have become limp and you feel something sticky all around you.

Your brother screams. “Mommy’s bleeding. Daddy’s cold! Our house is gone!”

Slowly, you open your eyes.

Your world is gone. Your family is gone. Your home is gone.

Aleppo is…


PC: Nat Geo

Maybe you feel like this reading dampened your mood. Your Christmas spirit darkened. But if you take away anything from this post let it be that knowledge of a bigger world out there. Don’t get angry over the little things. Don’t get saddened by a tiny event. Acknowledge in your heart your blessings and prayers for the innocent dead. Know that Aleppo isn’t the first time an atrocity has happened. Also know that it won’t be the last.

This Christmas, before you open your Christmas gifts, before you dig into your Christmas feast, before you leave for your holiday trip, give a moment of silence for those that will never feel the same again.


PC: google

To Aleppo for reminding us all of the world we live in, thank you for your precious lives. This reminder came at a great cost and I hope we will never forget.

To the lives that were given in previous world conflicts, and the lives that are sacrificed at this very moment.







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