Hair Tips for Strengthening

Yup. Nice strong hair. Wouldn’t that be so nice to have? Well, have I got the post for you! haha like my tv commercial sound? ANYWAYS, here are just some of my favourite products that will definitely strengthen your luscious hair in no time at all!


Hair Mask here – $2.99


Bamboo Shampoo here – $5.99


Bamboo Hair Oil here – $2.99


  1. Bamboo Shampoo – One of the best ones I’ve used, it smells amazing. Super fresh and light and really cleans out the oil without drying. Which makes a great foundation for strong hair growth.
  2. Bamboo Conditioner – A great compliment to the shampoo, I  found that they work best together.
  3. Bamboo Hair Mask – Leaves your roots feel strong and alive again. Almost like going to the salon for a blowout – but in the comfort of your own home.
  4. Hair Oil – An easy packaging for on the go and really gets you so many compliments on your shiny hair 😉
  5. Good Brush – I love this one by Moroccan Oil so I would definetly recommend checking that out, and it has a great wide  paddle making it easier to reach your entire scalp in one go
  6.  Cute accessories – I mean, you can’t have done all of this work and not expect to show it all off?

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick post!

 CLICK HERE is where you’ll find out more information!

Some products were sent to me fore review but all opinions are my own.

Xoxo, Jen



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