Sweetest 16th Photo Diary


umm so I just had an absolutely magical night with my bestie and it was too good to not share. So here’s a photo diary of everything amazing!

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Here’s the sisters setting up the darn letters which kept falling. In case you couldn’t tell it read “Happy Birthday J & N” haha. And yes. That is a balloon cat named after Nia’s cat: Nutmeg. Can I get an awww?


So many little details were put in to this party. Everything from long elegant candles to flowers in the bathroom & counters.


Photo booth backdrop that ended up being floor decor. meh.


Setting up food was so exhausting (more on this in next post & video) BUT SO REWARDING. Felt like catering on a budget. Thanks to my mumsy for making all the food! <33


I mean… pretty good for a DIY spread of food wouldn’t you say?


Mumsy wore a special colour haha (no she just forgot to wear black and white haha!) Love you thoooo <33



We had our own SNAPCHAT filter! Yay for custom made things!


Even the water had to be beautiful. We chose 7 Up to prevent staining on the luxurious carpet. And as a added bonus, it totally fit in with our black and white theme!


Talking over schedule of performances! no we are not performing. Imagine how fail that would be. We invited our lovely talented friends to mock us for the night! More on this below!


Because pizza is everyones fav. Duh.


Here’s the two that changed the tune of “Tale as old as Time” from Beauty and the Beast to a song mocking me about my height and one about Nia’s meaness. Both sooo untrue. Ok maybe mine is a tiny bit true. Fine okay. Its true. You win.


A big thank you to my amazing friend Veronica who lent us all of her equipment and lighting. This party just wouldn’t have happened without you. <33


UMM… so we made snapchat photo booth props? Yeahh… we are two very obsessed girls who love the flower filter… BTW doesn’t my lovely friend abbi look gorgeous? The horrible lighting though! So sorry! (The lighting just doesn’t do her justice. She is stunning inside & out!)


Happy Sweet 91st to us! Thanks boys! Must be our amazing beauty regimen that keeps us looking so 16 😉


More snapchat photo booth props! Our other favs… the deer and rainbow barf. SO CUTE. (Well they are too but the props do steal the show don’t they? 😉 )


This party was amazing with some lunges in the background… just casually. And the amazing outfits of our peeps. Charlie is proud of his outfit. We are so proud of everyone for looking their very best! shame we never got a group pic! :/


That cupcake sure was delicious. I think Nathan agrees. Yay for Red Velvet! Dan is sad cuz he didn’t get one. It’s okay, theres always next year! (Maybe.)


This group thought we forgot about them. Oh boys. We could never forget ya! Looking good everyone! The black and white is soooo satisfying. 🙂


everyone is having sooo much fun with the helium. A little costly but SOO Killarious. (Killing me + die of laughting hillarious = killarious)


My jen babe is sooo photogenic and pretty! And yes. Everyone loves their helium. Two whole tanks of 60 balloons were inhaled tonight. Do we need help?


Our photographers! Check out their instagrams linked below! Nice outfits guys!


Our videographer! His video he made for us is linked below!


Our other photographer! Amazing skills and nice outfit :))


Not my thing as an introvert but a game of rowdy uno is always a crowd favourite. And we also played musical chairs. Are we aging backwards? Must be the eye cream.


VIP access to the dance floor… ooppss locked everyone else out and just went in myself. Sorry guys!


A real colourful party? Check. Loud music? check. Amazing dancers that can juju? check.


STORYTIME. We totally did not flip the cake upside down by dropping it, then rescued it by DIYing patches of oreos. And then we totally did not just watch our cake topper burn up in flames. Or maybe we did. You take a guess.

Also, HOW CUTE ARE OUR TOPPERS AND CANDLES.It is exactly as I imagined so I am so incredibly happy about that. The ten hours perusing cake topper ideas on Pinterest was totally worth it! Stop judging me. I said stop.



The outside view of the party. Wish I’d gotten a few more shots myself but I know the memories will stay in my heart for a lifetime.


Sparklers are a YES YES everytime.


Bestie and moi. CANDID PHOTO OF ME HAHA. Such a Jen thing to be so unphotogenic in every photo hahahaha.

What a ride. Planning since last December? I mean this has been a crazy road but I am sooo happy to have shared yet another incredible memory with you. Love you!

Thank you to every single person who came and wished us an amazing sweet 16th. Thank you for making our lives so much more beautiful. And if we didn’t get to talk to you personally at the party, please come talk with us and lets go out for coffee! I want to thank each and every one of you personally for how happy you’ve made me by simply being there. Every single person was invited because they mean something to us. We care about each one of you and could not have asked for a better group to celebrate our birthdays with. 

Thank you for the memory of a lifetime. 

Love, Jen xoxo 

Photographers: Zachary – @zachleeeeeee      Bryan – @snapsbybry

Videographer: Hansen – @hanstuvisuals






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