OOTD: Monochrome Chic


Hey everyone!

Heres the first of my OOTD series! This means I get to post far more frequently and give you guys more detailed insight on where I shop and how I put together my outfits… AND the inspiration behind each one.

Today I was feeling kind of cold and down so naturally I overlooked any colour and went monochrome. The sad news was that a button from my black skinnies fell  off so I needed to get it fixed. So my only other semi neautral option was jeans. They actually accent the outfit quite well so it turned out way better than I expected.

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Blue jeans – Old Navy – $38



Crop Top HACK: Layer a blouse underneath!

Crop Top – Aeropostale – $6 (Black Friday Online)


Leather Jacket from TARGET

Leather Jacket – Target – $20 (I KNOW RIGHT?? – Kids section haha)



Stan Smith knockoffs but not really.

White Sneakers – Champions – $20 (WHAT A DEAL. Payless is the place to go people)


This crop top was love at first Black Friday sight.


See that hint of tummy? Im actually toasty warm.

Blouse – CacheCache (Asia) – $12


From my angle 🙂 JK I’m shorter than that.

Thanks for reading, hope ya’ll got a little inspiration from that 🙂

Love, Jen xoxo


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