Terrifying Not-A-Costume Halloween Makeup

An absolutely terrifying post today. A makeup tutorial! I actually think this is a first time I have posted a makeup tutorial on this blog!

Well, simply put, I would personally never wear the costume makeup of Halloween unto the high street so I decided to create my own version of Halloween makeup.

A super terrifying but super chic smokey eye and dark lip look. A look so controversial 99% of all beauty gurus would say is a HUGGEE faux-pas. But since it’s Halloween it’s time to put down all the contour kits and go crazy with the controversies.

Let’s do this!

Click READ MORE for the tutorial & PHOTOS!


First, start off with a lighter shade of concealer, conceal under your eyes and also use it as a highlighter. We want it to contrast with the dark eyes and lips.


Then I like to use some solidified coconut oil to prime my lids for a longer lasting shadow and a smoother application of pencil liner.


Now taking my liner I want to heavily coat my upper and lower water line. And also fill in my brows. KEY: THICK BRUSHES. Go for a super dramatic look with a lot and a more subtle approach with less.


Take any classic smokey eye palette and go nuts. For specifics watch my video tutorial!


Now, to create your own dark lipstick without buying one, is taking a sticky lip gloss… and filling it in with your darkest eye shadow. It will stay on and believe me, no one will be able to tell the difference!


VOILA! Have a spooktacular day.

xoxo, Jen


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