Caribbean Cruise & Video


Hey! It’s Jen again.

Earlier this month I was soooo blessed to go on a vacation with one of my besties family. We went on an incredible journey on the worlds largest cruise ship around the Caribbean & Virgin Islands. Here are some photos I took to document these memories & I just thought I would share them with you 🙂

Travelling was a pain in the boot-ay so I just skipped documenting the process. ALSO I made a travel VIDEOOOO to go along with this post. It was so hard to edit the video & along with my editor being annoying and DELETING half my video… I really hope you’ll check it out and tell me what you think 🙂

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Leaving port from Fort Lauderdale: view from our amazing room!

ESSENTIAL #1: Room with a view – great for photographs & natural light


Arriving in the Bahamas! Waking up to this was truly incredible!


We all were wearing our swimsuits & it was the perfect alternative to the end of summer rain storm.



I mean… This view was flawless… and a bonus? Sunscreen gives impeccable contour highlights 😉

ESSENTIAL #3: Cute bathing suit. I got mine for 5 FREAKING DOLLARS at H&M


ESSENTIAL #4: HYDRATING MIST. Will save you when your makeup is running & the sunscreen just isn’t helping. This one is made from the essence of plants and is literally green. It is soooooo refreshing and so cute to be carrying around too 😛

Get it HERE Farmacy Setting Hydrating Spray – $44


I could not get over how cute their painted palm trees were. They matched with the sun bar. *DIESSSSS*



OKOK. Storytime. How funny was it that we found a 20 dollar Bahamian bill on the ground. LIKE WHAT. Btw if you didn’t know, it is the equivalent of the AMERICAN DOLLAR. Imagine walking around and just casually finding pennies. Now times that by like I dont know how many… and you get a 20 dollar bill.

We bought like 7 earrings and 4 magnets with it…and still got 3 dollars in return. hehe.


THE COLOURSSSS…… Nearly killed me that most of my photos were overexposed…. This is at a ISO of 20….

ESSENTIAL #5: Good DSLR with adjustable ISO. WILL SAVE YOUR BOOTAYE. Thank me later 🙂


Desserts at the main dining room…. there are no words. Side note… we totally didn’t order 3 more of these after this photo :3


The merry go around on the cruise was sooo fun. It really blows my mind that we were sailing in the middle of no where and spinning around casually on a merry go around. Boom.


Check out the parade on the cruise in my video below. The dragon was part of the KungFu Panda series.


Zipline. On. The. Cruise. Just casual you know. No biggie.

I chickened out that day and never went on… ooooppss.

ESSENTIAL #6: Take risks and challenge yourself. No regrets.


Mini Golf. Need I say more?


Formal night was incredible & was soooo fun to dress up for. Here’s one of the nights and just check out all of our sweet kicks!

ESSENTIAL #7: Bring comfortable but chic shoes.


The best part? The waiters. They did everything from regualr waiter stuff to being a magician and an origami artist. I’ll always remember you Eka & Imade! ❤


Casually floating at sea. Just my usual day. Jokes.


KILLARIOUS impressionist show. A little innapropriate and should have warned us but all in good fun. Sam Smith was a killer.


On the way to the beach.


I have a phobia of monkeys so…. I took the pictures while everyone else went and touched the “adorable” little fluffballs. I stood 5 meters away with my zoom camera. Hehe


A little glass bottom kayaking. No we did not spend 15 min by the grey rocks trying to get a perfect instagram photo. (ok fine we did)


I mean… Taiwanese bubble tea in the Caribbean? You betcha we ordered!!!

ESSENTIAL #8: EXPLORE. Never know what you may find.


^Nearly killed me but sooo impressed the waiters.


All you can eat donut cafe. This is only 1/25 of all the choices. SOOOO regrets not eating more right now 😦


Ice skating at sea. Here’s a pic of the sissies because I looked gross and sweaty in the one with me.


Lets end on a bitter-sweet note (get it? Cuz of the cupcake? no? ok.). It was so hard to say goodbye to the luxuries of the ship and get back to the school routine, but I wouldn’t have traded it with the world. Thank you so much for making it to the end of the post but don’t fret. Still feeling like you want to experience the trip from my eyes? Here’s the video!


Hope you enjoyed this travel post!


FTC: Farmacy sent me the product but this is not a sponsored post.


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