Photo Diary: Mothers Day

Tour de Province.jpg

Here are some photo memories of my mothers day just last week. Just a quick filler post since I have a ton of school work and exams…(wish me luck!). My sister and I surprise my mom and grandma (and dad!) with morning breakfast of fruit tart, cream cheese sandwiches and scrambled eggs. Then we went to church in our Sunday best and had loads of mothers day celebrations there. For the cherry on top of this day we went out and had a lovely lunch with a huge matcha French toast ice cream explosion.

I couldn’t catch up on blog stuff last week but I really had some great DIY’s to share. My DIYS included: printable Pinterest prints (check out my Pinterest for them HERE), DIY small gift boxes and table set-up décor. Maybe next year? This is just a photo diary so I will stop rambling now. Hope you guys all had a lovely day! {READ MORE}


IMG_5868FullSizeRender (1)


Thanks for reading/looking 🙂

xoxo, Jen



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