How to Get Perfect Instagram Hair DIY & Video

set 3

Hair plays an integral role in our lives. We grow with it and fad with it. It can be the medium of self expression for some and for others it can be what brings out the confidence in them .

Today I’m going to share with you my foolproof system for getting healthy, luscious and if willing, Instagram worthy hair.

“Sure life isn’t PERFECT, but my HAIR is”

For me, I prefer not to wash my hair every single day, but that’s just because I have oily hair.

You may think that to control oily strands you would need to cleanse it daily, but in reality, the heavier you wash and pile on products, the more your body will produce those oils.


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Here’s my recommendation:

Oily skin & Hair: Wash every other day, use lightweight conditioner or none at all.

Dry Flaky Scalp: Wash every 2 days with added daily usage of natural oils like Moroccan, Argan or Coconut.

Combination dry to oily: Every 2-3 days, but alternate usage of conditioner, not every shower, and air dry some days and blow-dry other days.

Colour or Heat Treated Hair: Wash every day on treated parts. Use specialized products and use conditioner daily.


STEP 1: Shampoo 

I recommend using shampoo containing the new BIO3 component for thicker voluminous hair. I used the HASK Almond Oil collection. Work in product from scalp to strands, repeat process twice.

STEP 2: Condition 

I used the matching HASK conditioner. I recommend using the same brand of conditioner as your shampoo, this guarantees maximum results. Work in the product into the strands and massage into scalp, keep away from hairline though!

set 2

STEP 3: Spray 

To give it the more healthy shine, after blow-drying (watch my video for my special techniques!) Mist voluminous thickening spray into different hair parts.

STEP 4: Optional Heat

Curl your luscious locks with my tips and tricks in the video!

set 1


Disclaimer: These products were sent to me to review by HASK, but all opinions and thoughts are my own!



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