Spring Break Essentials ft. Homeaway

HA Getaway_loads

Hey all! Hope you all are excited for/ already in Spring Break! Spring is the time to do all the crazy exciting things that summer seems to far for. Like grabbing your overnight bag and making a weekend getaway. Now for me, a perfect weekend getaway would include loads of sun and a beautiful home rental on the beach. Maybe somewhere like here? Unfortunately here where I live that is not a reality. But a girl can dream right? So I teamed up with HomeAway to create the list above of a  few of the things I would bring. But where would you go that is just for a day or two? Never fear, I’ll help you out! Here’s some inspiration for where I would go.

Mini Golf & Pretty Garden Strolls (Lovely Inspiration from “In My Dreams“)


Explore a Different Neighbourhood (My Hometown Shoutout “In My Dreams“)



Get Out Into Nature (Gorgeous Lake Escape Inspiration from Castle In The Country)


Hot Springs or Spa Retreat Weekend (Absolutely Love the Vibe from “Vacation Idea“)


That’s all for today!

Thanks for reading! xoxo, Jen



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