2016 Trending Prints for Home and Fashion

We’re two months into 2016, which means the fashion industry has already launched their spring and summer lines. Though many runway-ready looks aren’t something you’d typically wear to work or out for drinks, you can still easily incorporate trending prints and colors into both your wardrobe and your home decor. check below for a cool website to help you achieve your pattern dreams!


Bright and Bold

The best part about spring fashion is the selection of bold colors you can use to spruce up any outfit. Shake off the winter blues and debut your spring lineup with wide stripe prints that steal the show.

We love incorporating stripes into an outfit by pairing a multicolored shirt with a skirt in a complementary color or a dark pair of skinny jeans. Go for wide stripes and choose bright, contrasting colors to turn heads in the best possible way.


Abstract Florals

If you think florals were just hot in the 70s, think again! Abstract floral patterns are making their comeback on the runway with a modern twist. These bright and sunny prints are a perfect pick-me-up for your spring wardrobe, and you can wear them into the summer with ease. Floral prints work best on flowy sundresses made from a light, breezy fabric like silk or chiffon.

Show off your shoulders, too. Models on the 2016 spring runways are showing a bit of skin and embracing the kiss of sunlight. As for color combinations, we love a classic black and white with a pop of color from a belt or handbag, or soft pastels that mimic a field of wildflowers.


Explore the Wild Without Leaving Your Home

Much like the vibrant colors and abstract florals of spring fashion trends, the beauty of nature is making its way inside the home, too. One of the trending prints for home textiles is a jungle print with vibrant colors.

You may feel a bit wild mixing colors you wouldn’t normally think pair together, but in small doses it can be daring and result in a positively charged emotion for any space.


Bring Culture To Your Cottons

This year, popular fabrics are inspired by cultures all around the world. Use your home decor textile prints to explore countries like India, Egypt, or Thailand.

These countries are known for their use of rich colors and intricate patterns, which can really breathe life into a small space. Conversational pieces are great for living rooms and kitchens, so take an ordinary ottoman and reupholster it in a rich red and gold print.

Don’t be afraid of color! If you’re working with a bold pattern, even it out by adding a few solid prints as a backdrop. You can accomplish this through rugs, slipcovers, cushions, pillows, and curtains.


The Colors of the Year

Every year, Pantone releases a color of the year. For 2016, there are two—Rose Quartz and Serenity. The romantic blush and cool, calm blue with a touch of violet work well in the home and wardrobe.

These two colors create a soft Victorian aesthetic in interior design, and you can tie it all together through accent fabrics for furniture, rugs, drapery, pillows, or tablecloths. For your wardrobe, the soft pink pairs with the cool blue to create a serene style for a date night, bridal shower, or social gathering.

This post was brought to you by Modernize.com, “remodelling ideas to increase the value of your home”. Thanks for reading! xoxo, Jen 



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