A Different Fairytale


Midnight strikes.

crystal in the cobweb

dusty ballroom

A moment in time


still. Gentle eyes

appear enchanted.

A dress so plain

no footman would give a


A spiral staircase

diamonds splitting


a sea foam mermaid dressed in the

colour of dreams.

clouds part,

birds sing and yet a thunderstorm


in that dark corner a girl

forgotten by her godmother

shadows overcome

loneliness entangles

thorns cut as the prince touches

her waist so tenderly

and spins her forgoing all her


The clock strikes

The story mechanics turn

a sweeping brush of a stick

stiff movement as the prince turns


The mermaid stiffens,

her smile

turns. Hides her snarl

of contempt, waves

of magic inflow

the prince dances

with that seaweed green vixen

The girl steps back into

the shadows

A balcony opens


barefoot panting, running



plunging darkness,


the crowd cheers the

clock strikes.

The shoe fits.

flowers strewn over

to cover

the splattered broken



A ring.

A kiss.

The End.

*Please note that this poem is written by me and does not necessarily represent my personal experiences or that of anyone else. I would appreciate comments of personal inquiries and bold opinions to be refrained from being posted. *

Thank you all for your support. xoxo Jen.



  1. Is this about a girl with green hair… Thanks for writing this, I have a similar situation although not as dramatic as suicide, a green haired girl stole my crush. I thought we had a future together. I was wrong. Good for you for giving us lost girls a voice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A poem can be whatever it means to a person, not necessarily being the exact purpose of the author. In my poem I just wrote green haired vixen as I felt that was the colour of a mermaids hair. But aside from that, I’m so glad it meant something to you! ❤


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