“Parallel We Must”


lost in thought

pain to touch

wandering feet

washed up shore lost

caught in the headlights

where am I?

Parallel roads meet.

I thought I had you

in my palm wrapped


the skin tight dress she wore

I saw you

I felt you

I lost you.

Disturbed reality

of perpetual feelings

against the cold hard ground

lying parallel

screaming claws pounding at my


Those scratches tugged at the heart we


A glance up

the glaring menace

of footsteps matching

An angel

falling parallel

the thorns rip at his head

it is done.

But where do I go

you were my way

Wondering which version

of you I would

see in

my dreams


Cold marble

Wrapped tightly

bleeding roses

out of reach, out of touch

parallel we must

forever stay. ||

*Please note that this poem is written by me and does not necessarily represent my personal experiences or that of anyone else. I would appreciate comments of personal inquiries to be refrained from being posted. *

Thank you all for your support. xoxo Jen.


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