What’s In My Pencil Bag?!! + Other essentials

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Hey everyone, shout out to my Canadian readers, Happy Thanksgiving!

So I was supposed to post this ages ago, but laziness got the best of me. Or was it a messed up timeline. Anyway, long story short I forgot to post this. So travelling back in time, a long way… here is my back to school post…

What’s in my pencil bag?

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A burlap textured bag was a MUST for me this year. The rustic feel and the DIY-able patterns make it feel like the new IT thing. I got mine at Target for a whopping $1. It is with great sorrow and sadness that I must say that it is now completely out of stock. Finding alternatives was a pain as it seems like the burlap industry is trying to break our hearts with the sudden price increases.

Similar Product HERE

Vintage Pencils were such a steal for me. They come in different patterns, no two are the same. And guess what… they were made out of old newspaper, making them super cheap (and chic!). {Threw in two plain pencils to show you guys the difference!). They no longer have these exact ones but here’s the company so you can find many more joyous things like I did.

Similar Product HERE

MUJI. What a beautiful Japanese word. I actually have no idea what it means, but if you have not heard of it yet, it is an epidemic of beautiful plain things in Asia. The “disease” is now spreading into North America with stores all over; including Times Square, New York. Both my coloured thin pens and black eraser are from them, and they are both easily my most essential pieces of stationary.

Similar Product HERE

Speakers… generic, plug-ins… what made mine special, was the gorgeous colour. You can spray paint yours to get the same effect! (Remember to tape the parts where the sound comes out!)

Similar Product HERE

Colouring pencils are just never going to go out of style… so why not get some that look amazing when you fill out those redundant maps in Geography class? Haha just kidding, use them with an open mind and they will show you a whole new world. (Post coming soon of my new addiction with colouring!)


Tinted lip balm. No explanation needed. Always looking good, maybe its her.. maybe its Clinique. 😉


That concludes my obsession with over stuffing everything! Including my pencil-case. Let me know below what your essentials are!

Love, Jen xoxo



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