Fall/Winter Trends & Tips for Guys

Uh-oh. A girl writing for guy fashion, red flag right? Don’t worry, I did research. Sort of.

Some guys were just born to be strutting a catwalk and some have less experience to this element. Don’t worry you will all be prepared and aware for your next shopping trip by the end of this post!

Tip #1: Your Attitude

Set your attitude right when shopping. Often times I hear boys groaning about getting dragged with their moms/girlfriends/cousins to shop for hours and hours and hours… But if you think about it, while they shop you can just sit and text or eat food for hours. Make a deal with them, such as going to 10 stores would gain you a Starbucks and a burger. Then if the time is still killing you, go check out the stores with them! Maybe you can find a gift for your special someone. The better you sow, the better you reap. Setting off with a good attitude will actually give you a better experience and a abundance more  style. 

Tip #2: Don’t show brands. Show style.

First of all your clothes should not be something you wear to look cool and impress some girls. (Same rule applies for girls!) Because if you do that, your clothing will look showy and ruin any style vibes you were trying to achieve. An occasional Armani or the occasional pair of Supras won’t kill you but wearing an entire outfit with them…is not ok. We all want to be rich and famous but even celebrities won’t go for designer every day. They wear laid back H&M and Calvin Klein tees from high street fashion as well.

TRENDS for 2014 Fall/Winter

The following tips are gathered from New York Fashion Week.

Roll neck sweaters! Make yourself look British and so many times more fashionable!


Photo GQ Men:  Rake, John Smedley, Tom Ford

Similar ones can be found at:

Top Man: £34.00 A heathered looking grey fabric



Keep it sleek. Wearing casual suits and fedoras can make you look old beyond your years but wear them separately and with casual elements it can be the most stylish element you can own.

Sleek Men Style

Photo GQ Men: Oliver Cheshire, E Tautz, Oliver Spencer

Similar ones can be found at:

Straw fedora similar to Oliver Spencer above.

Gap: $16.95  SALE! $9.99



Motor jackets/ leather biker jackets are in! Girls and guys can trade wardrobes in this sense that colours must be dark and neutral with the occasional forest green.

Biker Style

Photo GQ Men:  Matthew Miller, Ada + Nik, A Sauvage

Similar ones can be found at:

Black detailed biker jacket with pockets and padded shoulders.

H&M: $79.95 (Sale versions available in store)



Baseball jackets/ varsity/ casual suits. “Men’s trends come and go, but some take a little longer to filter out than others. The great news is that some of those you put your money behind last season are set to be going strong in a year’s time, in particular check suits, camouflage and baseball jackets.”-GQMen

Baseball Varsity Style

Photo GQ Men: Kanye West, Armani Exchange, David Beckham

Similar ones can be found at:

(Burgundy, Navy, Green, Teal, Black Varsity jackets available.)

21Men: $53.80 (Sale versions available in store)



Brands to check out: Urban Outfitters, Top Man (Topshop), H&M, Zumiez, 21Men, Crooks & Castles

“Guys don’t need a lot of choices, they need the right choice. In truth, most guys could easily survive on a streamlined, thirty-piece wardrobe, because some items will just never go out of style. I’m talking white dress shirts, black Oxford dress shoes, indigo denim jeans, beige chinos, grey crew neck t-shirts, solid neck ties, neutral V-neck jumpers, navy pea coats… the list goes on.” -Sid Mashburn

Love, Jen ♥


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