Hey! Its been a while hasn’t it? Well it was Easter weekend and I being the super extra person I am, wanted to go an extra mile with my Easter egg decorating this year. Instead of the boring same old egg dyeing, I used trendy new fads to inspire this DIY.

Chalk board rustic? Flower crown? Instagram Baddie eyelashes? Check, check, and CHECK! (READ MORE!) (more…)

Airplane Essentials


Back at it again with another editorial post!

Hey guys! So during Christmas my dad surprised us with lovely business class tix that was so unnecessary but so luxurious so I decided to make the most of it! I made sure to make it an unforgettable trip by preparing myself to enjoy it in the most possible way.

Tips for first time Luxury Airplane Flying:

  1. Be posh but still nice – literally recognise you are being treated well because you paid for it, not because you are actually special (don’t worry you’re still special to me! :P)
  2. Make the most of it – don’t be afraid to make use of the VIP lounges by going early to the airport and using the VIP check-in and valet services and keep buzzing your flight attendant. She/he  will be totally ok with it…. kind of. 😉
  3. Try not to cry when its over – I don’t think I can ever go back to economy ever again. Its either Premium Plus or business. Bye bank account, it was nice knowing you back in my simpler days…. 😦
  4. Follow my essentials guide, I promise I thought of everything!


Face Masks – keep you beautiful, fresh, and energetic. Plus, it makes you look fancy. Always a bonus! Mine is the charcoal mask from “My Beauty Diary” (Taiwanese)


Stay hydrated! – water will literally kill jetlag and depuff your bloated face and plus they give you endless glass cups of sparkling lemon water so…. make the most of it! I also brought my own boxed water to fill up in case I wanted some without ringing the attendants.


Hand Sanitizer – Planes are the grossest place on earth so always wash before eating but I soon found out they take care of that for you! They hand you fresh sanitising hot towels and lemon hand moisturiser…. EXTRA RIGHT? I know.


Gravol – my best friend on long flights. Even if you don’t get airsick, gravol has helped me with jetlag and sleep. So chug it down as soon as you put on your fluffy plane slippers an you’re good to go for at least 7 hours of sleep.


Snacks (Girl guide cookies!) – if you get really exhausted on long flights like me or you have a super sweet tooth, thin mint cookies are the way to go. They are both refreshing and sweet, just don’t eat the whole box like me…. oops!


Journal – To kill time and rest your eyeballs from the intense movie watching, look out your window and journal about your random thoughts about the trip you are about to experience. Afterall, we are actually soaring through clouds on a tube of metal. Isn’t that a scary thought? img_6947

Eye Mask – I hate nosy plane neighbours. But fear no more. Eye masks are the best and plus they help with depuffing. And another dumb bonus is they make you look cuter when you’re drooling with your mouth half open and your friend takes a picture of you. True story.


And of course I would recommend comfy turtle neck sweaters and legging with extra fluffy socks! Bring small portions of your makeup and a small compact mirror, extra battery and you know the drill!


thank goodness for the divider in between business class boxes. All this stuff needs somewhere to go right?

Thank you guys so much for reading, I hope you liked this post!

xoxo, Jen

2017 In Review

img_1789Hey again. It’s been awhile.

I don’t know why but I just was feeling so drained and uninspired. I had so many incredible posts planned and fully finished, but it didn’t feel quite right to hit PUBLISH.

Maybe it was because I didn’t want to start the new year off with anything that didn’t feel genuine to who I am.

The past year was one of the most amazing years of my life. I went on so many incredible adventures.

Get ready for a super quick 1 min rundown of 365 day. Lets do it!


10 Last Minute 1 Min Christmas Cards


Hey everyone! It’s Christmas eve over here and I know just a few people who may or may not be panicking at the last minute over not having cards ready. And with traffic in the streets and stores closing… you may be at the ends of your wits. Never fear, Jen is here.

I got your back. These 10 DIY cards will literally take you 1 min to complete. It took me a total of 15 min to set up, decorate and photograph all these cards so I promise that you can do it too.  (more…)